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Do you know about the famous YouTubers Like “Amit Bhadana” “BB Ki Vines” And A great motivator “DR. Vivek Bindra” ? What are those channels which you like to check on YouTube? Whose videos trigger you? Why & How they are popular in so less time, what strategy they followed to make themselves popular? If you want to be a famous YouTuber like these, Just Read this Youtube Marketing Course Module Or Connect with HSIM India Federation today.

According to Search Engine Journal Research, Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. So if you want your video to rank higher on youtube, Let us explain some important factors of youtube Marketing that makes your ranking in Top.

Youtube Largest Factors: There are 20 largest factors of youtube. Let us explain you some factors from them.

YouTube Largest Factors:


1.Catchy Thumbnail (Use Bold Text & Create Suspense)

Did You notice that when you search any video on Youtube, how can you judge that video from outside which one is right for you. Yes, that is a thumbnail, make a catchy magnet thumbnail that forces the user to click on your video Because that click is directly proportional to CTR ( Click Through Rate ). Yeah undoubtedly your Click will increase fast and your video will be rank high.

2.Effective Title ( Use Numbers Or Moderators )

When you search any video on youtube you have mostly notice that high ranking videos title are always like this …like you search a video of “youtube SEO” so most of the times high ranking videos titles are like “ 8 SEO tips Useful in ranking”, or  “5 SEO tips to make your ranking high” these titles mostly used by the Youtubers because they know this type of titles have higher clicks instead of others.

You can also use negative words in your title like “ if you don’t know this you will fail in your exams” (haha) sometimes this makes you a little bit afraid but it forces the user to click on your video.

3.Tags (Use TAB Formula T= Target, A= Alternative, B=Broad)

Firstly I want to clear you what is Tag? A tag is Just A Primary And Secondary Keywords of your Video To Judge better For Youtube about your video. Primary keyword is also called a target keyword. Via the help of Tags, Youtube Can easily Judge what’s your video like this.

You can also Use “TAB Formula” for easily create your tags. In Tab Formula, T represents the Target Keyword, A represent Alternative keywords and B represents Broad Keywords. Put your keywords according to this. This formula makes your work too easy.

4.Description ( Make a long & Understandable Description)

You know the Basic Word Limit for youtube Description is 1000 words. Always Remember don’t forget to put your primary and secondary keywords in your youtube description. From this, It’s easy to understand for youtube what’s your video about this and also remember don’t confuse the youtube about your video because it has a lot of options instead of your video.

5. User Experience:

As we knows if user don’t like it, search engine will not shows it. Your like, dislike, share, comment tells search engine about your experience and if your experience is good, you will rank higher on YouTube.

User Experience plays a wide role in All components of digital marketing. Now the main thing is here, How you can detect your Audience user experience? How to know what’s your audience want’s form yourself? Why did they subscribe to your channel? All things depend on User Experience. It depends on your content. What information you share with your audience, does this information add value to their life? We will explain you all these things in HSIM youtube Training Course.

Apart from these 5 points, we will cover you the following stuff:

Youtube Marketing Course Module

  1. YouTube Terminology
  2. How to create a YouTube Channel and upload Videos?
  3. How to Schedule Your Videos?
  4. How to Optimize Your Videos for Search?
  5. Keyword Research
  6. YouTube SEO
  7. How to make viral videos?
  8. Types of Youtube video.
  9. How to write Story Or script for the youtube video?
  10. Types of video stories.
  11. How to grow your Youtube channel?
  12. How can we increase watch time?
  13. How to earn through YouTube channel?
  14. How to Monetize your YT channel immediately?
  15. How to Verify YouTube Channel.
  16. Youtube partner program complete.
  17. Youtube Certification
  18. Video Marketing Course
  19. How to Run a Youtube Campaign

If you see these modules with any other digital marketing institute, you will find us providing in-depth information about each and every course module with the practical training. If you have any question related to digital marketing course, pick up your phone and call us at 0184-2207131.

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