Do you know more than 55% of people use WordPress beings designing? WordPress is a tool which can be used to create any type of blog, news, e-commerce, etc websites.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open source content management system based on PHP and MySql through which you can make any website.


What Skills Do you need to Use WordPress?

Have you ever tried to know “what skills do you need to use FaceBook, WhatsApp?”. I am sure you will say that anyone can use FaceBook and WhatsApp and doesn’t require any technical/coding skills. It’s just you need to open your mind and we help you to do so.

Here, at HSIM India Federation (Haryana School of Internet Marketing) – Best Digital Marketing Institute in Karnal helps you to use WordPress, teach you to know more about WP Themes, Plugins (How to Upload them, Use Them etc).


Top 5 Websites Which Use WordPress:

  1. Tech Crunch
  2. Star Wars
  3. Sony Music
  4. PlayStation
  5. Microsoft News Center

If you want to check out more websites which are using WordPress:



The module which will be covered under the 3rd Aspect

of Digital Marketing:


In our previous modules, we have talked about Domain Industry (How Domain Works?), Web Hosting (How to Purchase Server) and how to connect domain with hosting.  In this module, we will teach you:

  1. How to Install WordPress?
  2. WordPress Terminology
  3. How to Select WP Design?
  4. How to Install and Customize WordPress Themes?
  5. Use of WP Plugins
  6. How to create Posts & Pages on our website?
  7. How to add a logo on the website?
  8. How to create a category?
  9. How to Add Menus on Website?
  10. How to Integrate 3rd Party Platforms with our website?
  11. How should be our legal pages?

We, at Haryana School of Internet Marketing, will not only teach you these things but will also provide premium themes and plugins at absolutely free of cost.

Get full syllabus of Digital marketing course.


Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

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