Like us, most of the people have FaceBook pages, Twitter profile and other social media accounts but they don’t know how could they optimize it for their business. “How big brands do their social media marketing and how could you do it on your own?”


In previous search engine optimization module, we have covered the main aspects of business i.e. How SEO helps you to grow your business continuously. As our entitled of today’s topic says Social Media Marketing brings exponential growth to your business, SEO helps them to convert your business for a long time.


Both have their own importance. A good businessman doesn’t put them all eggs in one basket and use different-2 verticals to grow their business. Let’s think of it in this way:


Why most of the celebrities use Twitter for sharing their life? Why celebrities use their Instagram, Pinterest etc? Do they need any sort of marketing now? Okay, let’s have a few more question. Why Narender Modi is using Twitter? Why we are getting company’s official statements on Twitter? and do they have a lot of time sharing their life?


Being a super-busy with their work, they (They refers to companies, celebrities, politician etc) hire online reputation manager for their work through which they engage themselves with their followers and keep their reputation maintained within the followers.


Social Media is a powerful tool to give power to your voice. If you are not satisfied with the PayTm, just share your experience on FB and Twitter with the hashtag PayTm and by tagging PayTm page, you will get your solution online.


Now, the question is “How could we use it for our living”, “How could we be the social media marketer for our or our’s client business?, “How could we be the social media manager of an established company?”.  [Remember: Big companies have their own team to handle their social media channels.


Social Media Optimization Module:


To be a social media marketer, you must be aware of the following things:

  1. Social Media Optimization Terminology
  2. Social Media Marketing Terminology
  3. Types of FB Ads
  4. How to bring organic reach to our social media profiles and pages?
  5. Targeting to the right audience
  6. How to increase customer through FB pages?
  7. Instagram Ads Strategy
  8. How to retarget your audience? (Retargeting/Remarketing)
  9. How to check your competitor’s ad performances?
  10. How to create custom and lookalike audience of your business?

These are the 10-Social Media Optimization Module which will be covered by professionally recognized social media marketer of Karnal.

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

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