Before going through Digital Marketing Course syllabus, let me confess something.

"If you wants to learn digital marketing, you can learn it for free on YouTube"

Yes, That’s True! Anyone can lean digital marketing sitting at home but again, there is something at which we are best. What’s that? The way of our communication, the way we taught, our marketing skills make the USP of our institute.

Before going through the digital platform, we talk about marketing where we teach about:

Buyer Persona:

  1. Stages of Awareness
  2. How a buyer takes the decision?
  3. How IQ and EQ matter in terms of Digital marketing platforms?
  4. 7 Awareness Steps of sales
  5. How Influencers change the decisions of Buyer | Buyer’s Persona
  6. How do you define your buyer audience and plan around it?

As we all know, There is “no one who wants to be sold” but everyone is ready to purchase as per their needs and wants! Can you categorize the needs and wants of the buyer? Let’s be honest!

Almost 95% of persons don’t know about Buyer Persona! and If we talk about creating a plan around persona – that’s next to impossible! We are going to teach this in our course!

Seller Portfolio:

Once you are done with the buyer persona, it’s very important to match our portfolio with buyer persona. It’s about assuring our services and products relevant to them and help buyers to purchase our services.

As long as you want to sell, you will be struggled to deal with the client but once you started knowing about the pain points of your buyer and planned your marketing accordingly, it will be your cup of tea. Cheers

Now, let’s talk about digital marketing now. We, at HSIM India Federation (Haryana School of Internet Marketing) in Karnal, are covering around 7+ modules of digital marketing providing 3-month course to our students and then ensure their hiring in a very next month.

We are having track records with us and if you want to know more about us, just call us @ 83078-78581.

Digital Marketing Course Modules and Syllabus:

Domain Name:

  1. Domain Terminology
  2. Types of Domain Name
  3. How to pick a domain for your business? – Checklist based on your Purpose.
  4. How to check domain name metrics?
  5. Domain Name Patterns
  6. Domain Appraisals
  7. How to purchase a domain name?
  8. How to get premium domains at a low cost?
  9. Methods to find Expired Domains?
  10. How to use Domain Name buying and selling platforms.
  11. Complete Step by Step Guide to Become a Domainer!

  Web Hosting Modules:

  1. Web Hosting Terminology
  2. Types of Web Hosting
  3. Checklist for Purchasing Web Hosting
  4. How to Purchase Web Hosting?
  5. How to connect domain name with hosting?
  6. How could you start your own business by providing servers to others?

Web Designing Through WordPress

  1. How to Install WordPress?
  2. WordPress Terminology
  3. How to Select WP Design?
  4. How to Install and Customize WordPress Themes?
  5. Use of WP Plugins
  6. How to create Posts & Pages on our website?
  7. How to add a logo on the website?
  8. How to create a category?
  9. How to Add Menus on Website?
  10. How to Integrate 3rd Party Platforms with our website?
  11. How should be our legal pages?
  12. What is Landing Page?
  13. What is Squeeze Page?
  14. What is Salesfunnel?
  15. How to create Landing, Squeeze and Sales Page?
  16. What is Upsell and Downsell?
  17. How to create salesfunnel?

Content Writing Modules:

  1. What is Content?
  2. Why Content is Important?
  3. Content Writing Terminology
  4. Difference between English and other Indic Language Content.
  5. What should we care of while writing Indic Content?
  6. What is Snippet and How to make it effective?
  7. How to generate ideas and crafting titles?
  8. Planning your post format, length, readability, Scanning, headings
  9. Types of Titles
  10. How to Create Titles
  11. How to create punch (catchy) lines
  12. Types of Content
  13. Content Distribution
  14. Content for Corporate Communication
  15. Content Management Process
  16. Editorial Calendar?
  17. Content Marketing
  18. What is user intent and how to make the proper use of user intent?
  19. How to Acquire High Quality Leads via Content?
  20. Difference between content writing and content marketing
  21. How to write stories?
  22. The Proper Content Flow
  23. How to make your content actionable
  24. What should be the word length of your content?
  25. How to convert your content into a sales pitch?
  26. How to make your content SEO Optimized?
  27. Various Content Generation Methods
  28. Success Formula for Content Management
  29. Case Studies

 SEO Modules

SEO Basics

  1. Search Engine Optimization Terminology
  2. What is SEO?
  3. Why Websites should be Optimized?
  4. How does search engine work?
  5. How to define SEO Objectives
  6. Types of SEO
  7. SEO Ranking Factors

Keyword Research:

  1. Types of Keywords
  2. Keyword Research Methods
  3. Keyword research tools
  4. Website Audit

On page SEO:

  1. Unique and Duplicate Content
  2. Tags optimization
  3. Use of Google Analytics, Webmaster and Search Console for Better SEO
  4. Latent Semantic Index
  5. Site speed
  6. XML Generator
  7. Robots Txt File
  8. Content Optimization
  9. Tags Optimization
  10. Use of Schema in SEO
  11. Six Sigma SEO

Off Page SEO:

  1. What is Backlink?
  2. 25 Ways of link building
  3. Link Wheel Structure
  4. Understanding Backlink Techniques
  5. Link Building Steroids, Skyscraper Technique
  6. Anchor Text Diversification
  7. Types of link juices
  8. What are SEO Metrics and How to Define it?
  9. Free & Paid SEO Tools (Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, Semrush, Spyfu, Alexa etc)
  10. Competitor Research
  11. What is Inbound & Outbound Marketing?
  12. Live case study

Google Updates:

  1. Type of Google Updates
  2. What is Google penalization?
  3. How to keep yourself update with google updates?

Ready SEO Proposal:

  1. Audit report (Onpage/Offpage/Competitors Performance)
  2. Prepare working blueprint for business

Social Media Optimization Module:

To be a social media marketer, you must be aware of the following things:

  1. Social Media Optimization Terminology
  2. Social Media Tools
  3. How to Create a Professional Image on Social Media among customers?
  4. How to acquire clients through social media without investment?
  5. How to bring organic reach to our social media profiles and pages?
  6. How to create contests for any business?

Social Media Marketing Modules:

  1. Social Media Marketing Terminology
  2. Why Social Media Marketing?
  3. Difference between SEM and SMM
  4. Choosing Best Social Media Platform for Marketing
  5. Creating Social Media Marketing Strategy
  6. SMM using Facebook
  7. SMM using lnstagram
  8. Competitor Research
  9. Optimizing Ad Copy
  10. Tools to Measure ROI 
  11. Creating Multi—Channel Social Media Strategy
  12. Reporting and Analysis
  13. What is Lead Magnet/ Tripwire offer?
  14. How to create Sweepstakes offer?
  15. Types of FB Ads
  16. Targeting the right audience
  17. How to increase customer through FB pages?
  18. Instagram Ads Strategy
  19. How to retarget your audience? (Retargeting / Remarketing)
  20. How to check your competitor’s ad performances?
  21. How to create custom and lookalike audience of your business?
  22. Project Case studies

Youtube Marketing Modules

  1. YouTube Terminology
  2. How to create a YouTube Channel and upload Videos?
  3. How to Schedule Your Videos?
  4. How to Optimize Your Videos for Search?
  5. Keyword Research
  6. YouTube SEO
  7. How to make viral videos?
  8. Types of Youtube video.
  9. How to write a Story Or script for the youtube video?
  10. Types of video stories.
  11. How to grow your Youtube channel?
  12. How can we increase watch time?
  13. How to earn through YouTube channel?
  14. How to Monetize your YT channel immediately?
  15. How to Verify YouTube Channel.
  16. Youtube partner program complete.
  17. Youtube Certification
  18. Video Marketing Course
  19. How to Run a Youtube Campaign

Fundamentals of Video Marketing:

What are Videos?
Impact of Videos
What is Video Marketing?
Why Video Marketing?
Benefits of Video Marketing
Strategies for Video Marketing
10 Types of Video stories
3 Scripts That Converts
Best Video Sharing Platforms
Video Marketing through YouTube
Video Monetization
Channel Creation
Channel Optimization
Creation of Channel Art
Video Optimization
Uploading and Managing Video
SEO for Videos
Video Sharing Techniques
Brand Building through Video
Lead Generation
Integration with Different Tools
Video Marketing Campaign
How to Increase Subscribers?
How to Make Video Viral?
Tips and Tricks
Case Study

Email Marketing Modules:

Introduction & How it’s work?
Email Marketing Terminology
Email Design
Email formatting
Email Write-ups
What are the Best Email Servers
How to pitch offers and use emotions for collecting emails?
Email Follow up series
How to avoid Email spamming?
Email marketing Follow Up Series
Track Open Rate
Analyze & Optimize Email Campaigns
How to Send Emails in Bulk?
Email Marketing Automation
Database Segmentations
Acquiring ROI via Email Marketing
Case study

Affiliate marketing course modules:

  1. Introduction & How its work?
  2. Best Affiliate Programs
  3. Top Affiliate marketing Platforms
  4. How to Use affiliate Link?
  5. How to sell any product?
  6. 7 Awareness Steps of sales
  7. Monitoring Affiliate Performance & Track sales
  8. Landing Page Conversions
  9. Cookies & Affiliates
  10. Price comparison service website.
  11. Multi-tier marketing & commission
  12. Cross-selling & up selling
  13. Approve as Affiliate Partner
  14. Email marketing and shopping directories
  15. Performing Market Analysis & market research.

Pay Per Click (PPC):

  1. Introduction to PPC
  2. Finding the Right Buying Keywords
  3. How to make proper use of that buying intent?
  4. Choosing Advert Options
  5. Setting Objectives
  6. Conversion Tracking – How to track traffic, leads, and conversions?
  7. Creating Dynamic Ad content and eliminating Fraud Ad Clicks
  8. Retargeting
  9. PPC Future Trends

Fundamental of Adsense: 

  • What is Adsense?
  • How Adsense works?
  • Difference between AdSense & Google Ads
  • Difference between AdSense & Affiliate
  • How to create Google AdSense Account?
  • Pre—Requisite for Adsense
  • What is an Ad Unit?
  • Different Types of Ad Unit
  • Adsense for Mobile Users
  • Creating First Ad Unit
  • Adsense Approval Tricks
  • AdSense Account Optimization
  • Adsense with YouTube
  • Integrating Adsense with Blogger
  • Integrating Adsense with WordPress
  • Plugins for Adsense Integration
  • Exploring AdSense Interface
  • Adsense Reports Study
  • How to Increase High Revenue via AdSense
  • Best Alternatives For Adsense
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Project Case Study

Google Analytics: 

What is Google Analytics?
How to Create an Account?
Account Optimization
Goal Optimization
Funnel Creation
Funnel Optimization
View Creation
Segment Creation
Explore the Filters

Geo Location Optimization
Web Analysis
How to Track URLs?
Advance URL Tracking
Analytics for E-Commerce
Analytics for Emails
Google Ads and Analytics Integration
Advanced Level Optimization
Google Tag Manager
Project Case Studies

Indepth Knowledge of : 

  • Acquistion
  • Behaviour
  • Conversion

Local Business Advertising:

  • Local Business Optimization
  • Google My Business
  • Google Maps and Bing Maps
  • What are Various Geo Location Targeting Options?
  • How to Target Audiences?
  • Significance of Geo Targeting E
  • Optimizing Website for Local Business l
  • Generating High ROI via Geo Targeting
  • Where & How to Target Your Audiences?
  • How to Optimize Local Business?
  • Review & Rating in Local business
  • Etiquettes for Local Business
  • Paid Campaign Geo based
  • What are Advantages of Online Marketing?
  • How to Acquire High Quality ROI?
  • Power & Scope of Classified & Business Listing
  • Measuring Success Rate
  • Reports Study for Local Business
  • Local Business Apps
  • Case Study

Business Lead Generation:

  • What are Leads?
  • Why are Leads Important?
  • Understanding Audience and Buyer
  • Difference between Domestic and International Audience
  • Planning Strategies for Lead Generation
  • Different Methods to Generate Leads
  • Lead Generation with Organic Manner
  • Leads with Online Communication
  • Leads with Offline Communication
  • Lead Generation with Paid Tools
  • Leads and Landing Page
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Do’s and Don’ts for Landing Pages
  • Role of Testing in Lead Generation
  • Types of Testing
  • Conversion Funnel
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Roadmap from Leads to Sales
  • Project Case Study

Science of Online Sales: 

  • What are Sales?
  • ROI Vs Sales
  • Integrated Marketing and Communication
  • The Five Senses
  • The Power of W’s
  • Different Types of Layouts
  • Visual Devices
  • Ul & UX
  • How to Optimize UI & UX?
  • Power of Visuals
  • How to Design Powerful Visuals?
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Power of Innovative Ideas
  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Creation of Visuals Module
  • Top Tools to Track Sales
  • Project Case Study

Online Reputation Management:

  • What is Online Reputation Management?
  • Impact of Online Reputation on Sales
  • Why Online Reputation Management?
  • Fundamentals of Online Reputation Management?
  • Difference between ORM & SMO
  • Impact of negative Online Reputation
  • Tools for Online Reputation Management
  • How to find Negative Comments?
  • How to get ORM alerts on Regular Basis?
  • How to deal with Negative Online Reputation?
  • Best Strategies for Online Reputation Management?
  • Preventive measures in ORM
  • How to be a Brand on internet?
  • User Behavior Study
  • Techniques for Building Brand Reputation
  • Project Case Study


What is Remarketing?
Why we need Remarketing?
What is Pixel?
How to use pixel for remarketing?

Remarketing Through Facebook Ads:

Build Custom Audience
Build Lookalike Audience
Track Custom Conversions

Remarketing Through Google Ads

Google Doubleclick ad exchange
Remarketing through display ads
3rd Party Remarketing Tools like Adroll
3rd party remarketing tools vs Google Ads
3rd party remarketing tools vs facebook ad

Earn as a Freelancer:

1. Earn Through Fiverr

– Do’s and Don’t While Using Fiverr Account
– How to create Fiverr Account?
– How to create Fiverr Gigs?
– How to do Fiverr Search Engine optimization?
– How to market your gigs and get orders?
– Delivering Orders & Getting Revenue Process

2. Earn Through PeoplePerHour

– How to provide service on PeoplePerHour?

3. How to Outsource work and earn comissions?

Buyer Persona:

How to create buyer Persona
Stages of Awareness
User Intent
Customer demographics
Behavior patterns
Specific needs and concern
Pain Point and Desires of Customer
How a buyer takes the decision?
IQ vs EQ
7 Awareness Steps of sales
Influencer Marketing | Buyer’s Persona
How to spot buyer audience?
Negative Persona
How to tackle Negative Persona
Buyer Persona Template

Seller Persona:

1. How to define your Seller Persona?
2. Brand Positioning
3. User Persona Vs Buyer Persona
4. Align Buyer Persona with the Seller & Sell Anything

There are a lot of bonuses in addition to it such as applicable universal law of 80-20 principle, SWOT analysis, Law of the compound, power of free, etc. Not only this, A lifetime support of HSIM India Federation will be the key to your success so just don’t wait! I can bet, you are not going to regret your decision throughout your life.

If you want to be a Digital marketing executive, manager or experts, want to do work from home, wants to build your business from scratch so Just HURRY UP! Don’t wait for the right time. This is the time to Join the Best Digital Marketing Experts of India at HSIM India Federation! Call us now @ 83078-78581 to know about our next batch. Cheers 

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