Domain Name:

  1. Domain Terminology
  2. Types of Domain Name
  3. How to pick a domain for your business? – Checklist based on your Purpose.
  4. How to check domain name metrics?
  5. Domain Name Patterns
  6. Domain Appraisals
  7. How to purchase a domain name?
  8. How to get premium domains at a low cost?
  9. Methods to find Expired Domains?
  10. How to use Domain Name buying and selling platforms.
  11. Complete Step by Step Guide to Become a Domainer!

  Web Hosting Modules:

  1. Web Hosting Terminology
  2. Types of Web Hosting
  3. Checklist for Purchasing Web Hosting
  4. How to Purchase Web Hosting?
  5. How to connect domain name with hosting?
  6. How could you start your own business by providing servers to others?

Web Designing Through WordPress

  1. How to Install WordPress?
  2. WordPress Terminology
  3. How to Select WP Design?
  4. How to Install and Customize WordPress Themes?
  5. Use of WP Plugins
  6. How to create Posts & Pages on our website?
  7. How to add a logo on the website?
  8. How to create a category?
  9. How to Add Menus on Website?
  10. How to Integrate 3rd Party Platforms with our website?
  11. How should be our legal pages?

Content Writing Modules:

  1. Content Writing Terminology
  2. Difference between English and other Indic Language Content.
  3. What should we care of while writing Indic Content?
  4. What is Snippet and How to make it effective?
  5. What are user intents and how to make the proper use of user intent?
  6. How to generate ideas and crafting titles?
  7. Planning your post format, length, readability, Scanning, headings
  8. Types of Titles
  9. How to Create Titles
  10. How to create punch (catchy) lines
  11. Types of Content
  12. How to write stories?
  13. How to make your content actionable
  14. What should be the word length of your content?
  15. How to convert your content into a sales pitch?
  16. How to make your content SEO Optimized.

 SEO Modules

  1. Search Engine Optimization Terminology
  2. How does search engine work?
  3. How to define SEO Objectives
  4. Types of SEO
  5. Use of Google Analytics, Webmaster and Search Console for Better SEO
  6. Latent Semantic Index
  7. Site speed
  8. txt
  9. XML 
  10. Content Optimization
  11. Tags Optimization
  12. Use of Schema in SEO
  13. Six Sigma SEO
  14. Ways of link building
  15. Types of link juices
  16. What are SEO Metrics and How to Define it?
  17. Free & Paid SEO Tools (Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, Semrush, Spyfu, Alexa etc)
  18. Link Building Steroids
  19. Anchor Text Diversification
  20. Link Wheel Structure
  21. SEO Ranking Factors

Social Media Optimization Module:

To be a social media marketer, you must be aware of the following things:

  1. Social Media Optimization Terminology
  2. Social Media Marketing Terminology
  3. Types of FB Ads
  4. How to bring organic reach to our social media profiles and pages?
  5. Targeting to the right audience
  6. How to increase customer through FB pages?
  7. Instagram Ads Strategy
  8. Twitter Ads
  9. How to retarget your audience? (Retargeting / Remarketing)
  10. How to check your competitor’s ad performances?
  11. How to create custom and lookalike audience of your business?

Youtube Marketing Modules

  1. YouTube Terminology
  2. How to create a YouTube Channel and upload Videos?
  3. How to Schedule Your Videos?
  4. How to Optimize Your Videos for Search?
  5. Keyword Research
  6. YouTube SEO
  7. How to make viral videos?
  8. Types of Youtube video.
  9. How to write a Story Or script for the youtube video?
  10. Types of video stories.
  11. How to grow your Youtube channel?
  12. How can we increase watch time?
  13. How to earn through YouTube channel?
  14. How to Monetize your YT channel immediately?
  15. How to Verify YouTube Channel.
  16. Youtube partner program complete.
  17. Youtube Certification
  18. Video Marketing Course
  19. How to Run a Youtube Campaign

Affiliate marketing course modules:

  1. Introduction & How its work?
  2. Best Affiliate Programs
  3. Top Affiliate marketing Platforms
  4. How to Use affiliate Link?
  5. How to sell any product?
  6. 7 Awareness Steps of sales
  7. Monitoring Affiliate Performance & Track sales
  8. Landing Page Conversions
  9. Cookies & Affiliates
  10. Price comparison service website.
  11. Multi-tier marketing & commission
  12. Cross-selling & up selling
  13. Approve as Affiliate Partner
  14. Email marketing and shopping directories
  15. Performing Market Analysis & market research.

Email Marketing Modules:

  1. Introduction & How it’s work?
  2. Email Marketing Terminology
  3. Email Design & Email formatting
  4. What are the Best Email Servers
  5. How to pitch offers and use emotions for collecting emails?
  6. Email Follow up series
  7. How to avoid Email spamming?
  8. Email marketing strategies
  9. Optimize your Email Campaign
  10. How to Send Emails in Bulk?
  11. Email Marketing Automation
  12. Database Segmentations
  13. Call to Action

Pay Per Click (PPC):

  1. Introduction to PPC
  2. Finding the Right Buying Keywords
  3. How to make proper use of that buying intent?
  4. Choosing Advert Options
  5. Setting Objectives
  6. Conversion Tracking – How to track traffic, leads, and conversions?
  7. Creating Dynamic Ad content and eliminating Fraud Ad Clicks
  8. Retargeting
  9. PPC Future Trends

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