HSIM India Federation (Haryana School of Internet Marketing) aims to digital marketing awareness in haryana initiated from Karnal and will expand their roots to all districts in Haryana. We are also focusing towards digital awareness in villages through collaboration with “Internet Saathi“.  Once villagers got to know about “How Internet Can Change their Life“, We are putting more efforts in making their life fortune with “how to earn money online“, “How to differentiate between legit and illegal platforms”, “How to make your life secure and fruitful using internet” and so on!

Primarily, HSIM India Federation is focusing on your overall mindset that “you are not qualified for working on Internet”, “You need to learn english for working on Internet”. Believe me, it’s easy to work on the Internet. Yes, you need some basic knowledge but it’s not necessary to have complete english knowledge or skills to work on it. In Karnal, we are offering digital marketing course at absolutely low cost and that’s too payable after your complete 6 months coaching (Learning Program + Skill Development Paid Internship Program). It’s just not an Institute but also working as a digital marketing company in Karnal primarily leading as a SEO agency.

HSIM India Federation also offering digital marketing jobs in Karnal so in case if you have any question related to Internet marketing course, related to our digital marketing institute or if you wants to know more about us, please call us at 0184-2207131

Digital Marketing Course Modules

Digital Marketing course is a part of MBA and equivalent to any master degree. And you know what? Anyone can do it (Ofcourse, with common sense!). As we all knows, Skills matter more than any degree and here you will get certified by Google (No. 1 Search Engine). This certificate will be more than enough to get job or to extract business anywhere in the world. HSIM India Federeation (Haryana School of Internet Marketing) offers India’s Best Digital Marketing Trainer available in Karnal where we guide our students for bright future only. Let’s check out digital marketing components one by one:

Content Writing

When we talk about content, lot of people think – we need superb english but that’s not right. How can you write hindi, urdu or any other language content and what tactics need to be followed will be explained by HSIM team……Read More

Search Engine Optimization

SEO – A process to rank our website in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, 7Search etc. It’s all about “how could you    optimize your website and how many recommendation do you have    for your blog”.We will complete you with the basic and advance SEO tactics……Read More

Social media optimization

Like us, most of  people have facebook pages, twitter profile and other social media accounts but they don’t know how could they optimize it for their business. “How big brands does their social media marketing and how could you do it on your own” is all we teach under HSIM Training……Read More

Youtube Marketing

Lot of people ask us “Youtube se paisa kaise kmaye” and we are like “Really- do you want to know it?” – Join the HSIM course and learn about youtube marketing…..Read More

Affiliate Marketing

All human beings are sellers and buyers. We do recommend people for the good product but do we get benefited from those companies to recommend them? No, so here you recommend peoples to purchase any product or service and once they purchase, you got a commission. How good it is! Isn’t it? Here, we teach “how to do affiliate marketing online by sitting at home”……Read More

Email Marketing

I got a lot of emails from Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc. Why do they mail us? and how could we make our email campaigns profitable? – Digital Marketer ready those tactics for these big brands. Join HSIM course and start applying it in your real life……Read More

Domain Industry

Domain “A Name of any website“. Lot of  business depends on their name and that’s  where  all game lies. Have you ever heard about buying domain names and sell it for higher prices? Here, you will get to know about Domain traders and learn their expertise…… Read More.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting “It’s just like a hard disk of your laptop” –  What are the criteria you should look forward before choosing a right platform and hosting panel. How companies cheat you on name of hosting and how could you make “web hosting” as your new business venture ……Read More

Web Designing through WordPress

Do you know more than 55% of people use WordPress beings designing? WordPress is a tool which can be used to create any type of blog, news, e-commerce etc websites. HSIM will teach you to design any type of website through WordPress and then you can pick client projects….Read More


There are a lot of platform like up work and Fiverr where buyers and seller connect with each other and you can earn from home. Here, we will teach “How could you use those platforms to earn from home”……Read More


A lot of updates goes every day in a field of digital marketing. Every day, something new comes around us and that’s what we keep update you. We also provide lifetime support to you……Read More